The Potential of Drones in Changing Real Estate Outlook

It has been a while since we bid adieu to the concept of open houses and now following realtors to see houses is another trend that is seem to be parting us. Presently property seekers rely on genuine property portals and hover over the location and neighbourhood section to shortlist if the project is worth living in. But there is yet another change, rather addition in the air **pun intended**. Let’s look into this new concept that has created enough news even before its full launch – Drone Advertising.

Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles are aerial tools that were originally used in military to spy and strike on enemy’s border but now have expanded their sky to commercialisation too. Whether it is to keep an eye on the agriculture or in a modelling photo shoot, drones are used to get a summed up and clearer aerial view. It is believed that in no time drones will hit the real estate market too. Here’s what it looks like from above –

Keeping the public’s perception about drones, the potential threat it may prove when it comes to safety, aside let’s see how it can impact the real estate market immensely. Having a drone hanging in the air will benefit not only with advertising but also construction and getting a hang of the vicinity.

In an Inman interview, Matt Murphy, owner of Boston Virtual Imaging mentioned a few ways in which, if used correctly, drones can be a force to reckon with when it comes to real estate –

Developers can use drones to see the construction status, if the pipes are properly laid down or the layout given to the contractor is followed or not, etc. Buyers can use drones to check the aerial view of the project and neighbourhood in the 8 to 80 foot range. Sellers will find an innovative way to tell their house story through the audio and video feature and increase the stakes on their property. They will also get to expand the prospective buyers’ horizon by exploiting the Google Earth feature. Last but not the least; Real Estate websites will directly be able to increase their bank balance at the back of high end listings and the sure shot confidence it gives the seekers of the credibility of the listing.

Now that you can imagine what a force drones can be for real estate, here are a few tips to master the art for when it comes to India:

  • Choose the right time to catch images or make videos. Normally early morning and late afternoons are seen as the most suitable times for shooting with the UAVs
  • Shoot dummy videos first to check if the shots are coming as you expected or not
  • Know what you want to show and keep the level of drone at that.
  • Check for any drone shadows in the final video
  • Keep a tab on the length of video. Nobody wants to view videos that are too long or too short a.k.a. good for nothing clips.

This would be all that you need to make a mark in the new real estate trend that is about to make its presence known any day now! While there is a ban under Section 144 of CRPC for the use of drones in the city airspace in India and similar ones in various other countries, the discussion on benefits UAV will bring to Indian Real Estate Market and the world’s property is itself enough to make it a necessity some years down the line.

Are you prepared?

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