Smart Points to clarify from the Property Sellers before Purchasing

Buying home is a tough task that bears huge investment. If you are not sorted in your mind before buying a property then it might bluff you with the inconvenient facts affecting the return on your investment. Dealing with an estate agent is cumbersome job and you need to ask the right question to get your facts clear. Real estate agents are legally enslaved to speak up the truth. So you should shoot him with the right question to buy your dream home and not a dud.

Here are 14 things that you should know before purchasing the house:

  1. Reason for selling the house: You should be aware of the reasons due to why the property is sold. The seller might not tell you exactly but will hint you with the situations.
  2. Any negative facts about the house: You are always buying your property with the apprehension that you might miss on something important, perhaps a negative trait about the plot. Relax yourself and make a list of all the things that you want to know. Talk to the neighbors and with the shops in the locality to get a clear understanding.
  3. List of things included in the sale: Property sellers might allure you in the beginning promising you all the modern amenities. But finally you find that you are being duped and charged extra money, let’s say for a set of furniture that is defective. Sit with the agent and list down all the added things that you will be offered to keep things clear.
  4. Duration of the property on sale:If a house is no sale for more than three months, then you should enquire why there are no buyers for the property. Chances are that the property is overpriced. If it is lying unsold for quite a long time then the agent should accept a lower price for the property.
  5. Seek the seller’s disclosure: Even if you find your dream home, don’t just jump in to take the offer. Look for the disclosure made by the seller for instance, defects related to any material that can affect the value of the house.
  6. Check if you can do further renovations or additions: It is always advisable to examine area disclosures if any before you think of renovating your house. Depending on the type of your property there might be certain limitations on material additions.
  7. Enquire on the home inspection rate: Property needs to be thoroughly inspected before you decide to move. Conduct as many inspections as possible and if you find being interrupted by the property seller that it can be a matter of concern. 



  1. The offers they have had so far: Evaluate the offer the property has had so far to know its exact valuation.
  2. See if you can directly touch base with the sellers: Brokers always intervene in the middle of the buyer and seller increasing the cost of the property. Try to contact the seller directly to know everything pertaining to the property.
  3. Locational advantages of the property: Enquire the direction in which the property is faced. This will help you to understand if you are getting a pleasant view or waste dump, evening tea on the beautiful balcony will be cherished or you will not be able to open the doors and windows.
  4. Age of the property: If the property is quite old then there are chances you will encounter more issues in repair and renovation. Maintaining an old house is costly.
  5. If the property is legal and listed: Check whether the property has fulfilled all the legal formalities so that you don’t face any problem in the future.
  6. Check the taps and drainage system: Ask your seller about the water and drainage system. Examine whether the taps and other sanitary fittings are functioning properly.
  7. Facts about the locality or neighbors: It will help you to analyze whether you are staying in a self-contained locality or in a remote area. Price varies according to the locality and neighborhood.

Thus the above checklist will help you to get you the dream home decreasing your chances of getting puzzled and making your stay worthwhile.

Agniva Banerjee is a professional writer who closely follows the real estate sector. Her articles offer genuine facts and information about the realty sector in India.”

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