Saraswati Hitech City Allahabad Booking for Plots by UPSIDC

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UPSIDC (Uttar Pradesh State Industrial Development Corporation) the government body of Uttar Pradesh has come up with a new scheme for residential plots at Allahabad. The name of new plot scheme by UPSIDC is Saraswati Hitech City Allahabad which comprises of 1500 residential plots of different sizes. Saraswati Hitech City Allahabad booking for Plots by UPSIDC will commence from 12th September 2016 and the last date of registration in the scheme is 13th October 2016. There are three sizes of plots available for Saraswati Hitech City Allahabad booking.

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Detail of Plot Available Saraswati Hitech City Allahabad Booking

Type Size Area (In Square Meter) Number of Units Registration Amount
A 27X11 287 360 Rs. 265815 + Rs. 2000 = R. 267815/-
B 18X12 216 660 Rs. 193320 + Rs. 2000 = Rs. 195320/-
C 12X10 120 500 Rs. 107400 + Rs. 2000 = Rs. 109400/-

How to Apply for Plot

The person who are interested in buying plots in this scheme can purchase Application forms after paying Rs 2100/- which is non-refundable from the following Banks

  • State Bank of India
  • Indusind Bank
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • Punjab National Bank (Civil Lines)
  • HDFC Bank (Zero Road Allahabad)

Duly filled application forms along with registration amount which is mentioned above needs to be submitted to above banks. A cancelled check from applicants account is also needed to be attached with the application form. Application amount can be submitted via Bank Draft or Pay Order in favor of UPSIDC Limited , Allahabad.

Location of Plots

The plots in this scheme is located at 12 Km away from Allahabad City at NH-76 which is 5 Km away from Naini bridge. The Allahabad airport is 30 Km away from the location.

Importank Dates:
Scheme Starts: 12th September 2016
Last Date: 13th October 2016


15 thoughts on “Saraswati Hitech City Allahabad Booking for Plots by UPSIDC

  1. It is very costly land and officers and workers of upsidc sarswati hi tec city is very careless.upsidc threats at every point to cancel of allotment. It is harassing allotee by penalising as money. It penalised me 97000 thousand due to delay of 15 days to pay installment.

  2. Plz reopen booking for sarswati high-tech city allotment
    I couldn’t apply due to unknown information
    I missed the opportunity

  3. Plz reopen booking for sarswati high-tech city allotment
    I couldn’t apply due to unknown information

  4. I request the UPSID autority to again start of bookinG residential plots. At the starting of this plan, I missed.

  5. Sir, We can’t apply due to unknown about that , can we get one more chance for applying for this or once date increase for missed person. plese help me.

  6. I am looking the photos of IAS officers on UPSIDC site on net but I surprised these IAS officers does not know online system like online form fill up, payments, refund etc. Why these people are head of such a Industrial organisation if does not know latest development in the country. Are these photos are for face reading if no work.

  7. Pl confirm the exact details of allotment of plot through lottery and refund of amount if a person does not get plot. what will be the estimated time for his refundaded money. Pl clarify . Further is is requested to UPSID authority to make a provision to book a plot on line also to avoid harassment of the public. Repeat clear procedure of refunding of money to the public.

  8. I want to know the dates on which draw shall be made and when refund to unsuccessful shall be done.

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