Noida Authority Flat Scheme 2016 at Sec 117, 118 and 122

Noida Authority has come up with new flat scheme 2016 under Samajwadi Awas Yojana of Uttar Pradesh Government, Noida Authority is offering 2000 flats at Sec 117, 118 and 122 respectively. There are two type of flats in scheme, the estimated area of Type 1 flat is around 32 while estimated area of Type 2 flat is 71

Check Draw Result of Noida Authority Flats at Sec 117, 118 and 122

Details of Flats Available

Category Location No. of Flats Area in Sq.Mt. Cost of Flat in Rs. Registration Amount
Type 1 Sector 117, 118 & 122 1280 32 14,07,000/- 1,40,000/-
Type 2 720 71 30,00,000/- 3,00,000/-

How to Apply

Detailed brochure cum application forms can be downloaded from Noida Authority Online website In case of forms downloaded from Noida Authority Online website a sum of Rs 1000/- must be paid through draft at the time of registration.

Application forms can also be purchased by paying Rs1000/- in cash from bank branches listed below

  • Union Bank of India: Sector 18
  • Oriental Bank of Commerce: Sector 62
  • HDFC Bank: Sector 18
  • Canara bank: Sector 06
  • Vijaya Bank: Sector 06
  • Union Bank of India: Sector 06
  • ING Kotak Bank: Sector 18

Dates to Remember :

Start of Scheme: 02-Feb-2016
Scheme Closes: 03 March 2016
Noida Authority New Scheme

35 thoughts on “Noida Authority Flat Scheme 2016 at Sec 117, 118 and 122

  1. i met the officials today at Noida, the draw will be done by 15th oct 2016, no further delays.
    however, the flats will be handed over post completion, which may take another 2 years for offer of possession.

    • Thank you for sharing the news! At least there is a timeline for the draw, and we will be able to plan accordingly.

  2. as per news authority is going to conduct the draw in next year after election, i can not held my money in their hand and suffer the loss of interest thereon. so i am going to withdraw my application and ready to bear the loss of 10,000/- it is better to withdraw your money rather to wait for such a long time as there is no assurance that the will conduct the draw even after the election. as per name of the scheme another party if comes may cancel the previous scheme …………uttar pradesh govt. is habitual of doing it.

  3. finally they have agreed that they cannot make any draw and they are taking back their scheme and going to refund the registration money……….hurry be happy our money is finally coming up in our account……………….in future be aware of this scheme

  4. i have taken my money back and i saw there were 5 more people who had applied for withdrawal of their money alongwith me. i m not sure but as per verbal information given to me by authority official 109 applicant had taken their money back till june 2016

  5. as per authority official(i met personally) there will be a long delay in draw approx 8 month more from today as there is some land issue with farmer……so its better to withdraw your money. though RS. 10,000/- will be deducted by the authority, but it is better to take your money back, if we had deposited it in a bank for 1 year or more (as we see the time taken by the authority) we can earn interest on it without any hassle………………… members go to authority office, write an application with mentioning of your application no and withdraw your money………..and relax. i think now it is a matter of uncertainty for a long….

      • yes deeps ji it is true, so withdraw your money…pls see the broucher, authority is not giving any interest for late payment/draw, and in any case even after 1.5 year they will simply return your money without any interest

  6. as per noida auhority helpline nos meeting regarding decision of draw date is over and after 2-3 days authority will decide date of draw most probably in middle of august.

    • Hope Mr Kamal this time noida authority will not postpone the draw as we all are eagerly awaiting the draw result.

    • it seems authority is not interested in making draw, so it is better to withdraw your money. it is totally wastage of time and money

  7. pls say yes if u are interest to withdraw your money, we are making a group of applicant who are interested to withdraw their money…..

  8. *************better to withdraw your money as number of applicant have applied for the same********draw will not held before the election

  9. yes no update regarding draw date they are making food of us, sometime they ask to call on 15 th june , sometime on 16th june, or 20th june or end of this month. i think as the there broucher they are wasting our time till 30-06-2016 after that they will ask that price has been increased now and they will demand us more money………..kindly see the broucher prices are valid till 30-06-2016………………..i think its better to withdraw our money

  10. All member advice you to get together for Noida authority its also solve for problem …Yes or No ?.

  11. Noida authority is not giving any positive reply regarding draw date.

  12. Can any body tell that whether the type 2bflats are 2 bhk or 1 bhk under samajwadi yojna sector 122 117 118

    • Type 2 flat is one BHK. Actual build up area 51 sqmt. Super area 65 sqmt.

      • sir what is the source from mhere you have cofirmed the draw date i.ei.26th may

          • Mr. ankit i have contaced to noida authority helpline nos they informed me that the draw will be held in the month of june 2016 most probably in the middle of the month………………..pls confirme if have also the same update….

    • Drow date not announced by noida Athority. But drow is made in August 2016

      • mr. ajit from where you have got this information, it is authentic, because authority has been changing their statement from day first, initially they said the draw will announced in the month of april, then, may last, 10th of june, june last, 15 july, 20 july,–………….its totally confusing……..pls confirm the source from where you have got it.

      • ajit ji what happen pls confirm an exact date of draw if any……….

  13. pls file RTI to know the exact situation, because NOIDA Authority is not looking serious in announcement of draw date once they had taken the money form applicants……

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