MHADA Lottery 2015 Now Offer Only 3000 Flats

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Maharashtra Housing Area Development Authority has announced some changes in the procedure of MHADA Lottery 2015. Earlier MHADA announced that there will be 4468 flats on offer in MHADA Lottery 2015 to be conducted in the month of May. View Article. But now there are some alterations done to the scheme. The number of flats have been reduced to 3000.

There are about 6,000 affordable homes under the MHADA portfolio, out of which nearly 3000 will be offered this year. The reason behind these changes is MHADA has decided to enroll only those flats in MHADA Lttery 2015 for which occupation certificate can be provided within a year.There are only 3000 flats that can provide the certificate in time. hence, only 3000 flats will be on offer in MHADA Lottery 2015.

MHADA is going to conduct two Lotteries this time. One will be conducted in the month of May and another will be conducted in December.According to the sources, around 1100 MHADA flats will be on offer for the first lottery( i.e in the month of May) whereas 2000 MHADA flats will be on offer for the second lottery( i.e in the month of December). Out of the 2000 flats, 1200 flats will be located in the north-west section of Mumbai i.e Borivali.

According to senior officials of MHADA, the lottery process is complete, people who have received homes need not to wait for long. Thus only houses that are complete, or are on the verge of completion, will be included in the lottery.

2 thoughts on “MHADA Lottery 2015 Now Offer Only 3000 Flats

  1. kindly provide the details of Mhada lottery
    1) when its starts for accepting applications
    2) address for the Goregaon west & malad west Properties
    3) Area of the flats
    4) apros price of the flat
    5) I am unable to get details through net, so kindly inform how to login?
    6) I am first time user of net

  2. iwant one bhk flats in Malad west or Goregaon west. Kindly give me
    details of location, area & price for the same. & also inform regarding enrollment of the application start from when?

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