MHADA Pune Lottery 2018 Eligibility Criteria

1) The Applicant should have completed the Age of 18 years on or before the date of filling up of the application form for MHADA Pune Lottery 2018.

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2) The applicant himself and / or his / her spouse or his / her minor children shall not own a house or flat or residential plot and land or holds a residential plot on hire purchase basis or on a rental basis from MHADA or a house / flat / or residential plot of land or membership of any registered or proposed cooperative housing society in his / her name
3) Applicant shall submit Domicile Certificate proving his / her 15 years continuous stay in limits of Maharashtra state in last 20 years
(the reservation category of Central Government employees will be exempted to this rule).
4) Income proof shall be considered as income details. Applicant’s his / her family’s (only husband and wife) average monthly income (Basic+D.A.+Bonus+City Allowance). It shall exclude reimbursable allowances only (like medical, transport, washing allowance etc.) shall be as per the category shown below:

  •  Economically Weaker Section (EWS) – up to Rs. 25,000/-
  •  Lower Income Group (LIG) – Rs. 25,001/- to Rs. 50,000/-
  •  Middle Income Group (MIG) – Rs. 50,001/- to Rs. 75,000/-
  •  Higher Income Group (HIG) – Rs. 75,001/- and above
    5) Applicant can not apply more than once in one reservation category in the same code number as well as not more than one income group. If so found, all such applications will be summarily rejected before lottery.
    6) Applicant shall not apply using Joint Bank A/c, Current A/c or NRI Bank A/c. Applicant shall not use any other persons bank A/c No.
    for making an application. If found, such application shall be summarily rejected.
    7) Applicant should have his own PAN card. All the detail terms and conditions for the eligibility and also the details of the reservation categories
    are described in the information booklet. All the applicants are hereby requested to study this information booklet carefully before filling online
    application. This information booklet will be available on the MHADA’s Lottery Website
    8) As per provisions of “The National Trust for the welfare of persons with autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation and mutiple disabilities
    act 1999”, chapter 6, section 13 to 17, registered trust/persons can apply on behalf of mentally retarded and mentally ill person in physically
    handicapped category and for allottment of such tenements the income of such persons will be considered.
    9) Information booklet is available on lottery site regarding eligibility of each category.


106 thoughts on “MHADA Pune Lottery 2018 Eligibility Criteria

  1. Sir , We are living in pune since last 2 years . My daughter is suffering from cerebral palsy and mental retardation . Can I apply for the lottery ?

  2. dear sir i am currently working abroad since 1 year having NRI account want to apply for mhada lottery , can i apply and what document should i produced for income

  3. Dear sir,

    my self ashwini sawant & im 23 year old,my monthly income is 21000 net but this is my new job for 3 months completed. & last year my total CTC is 18280/- so with gross salary of 16160/- including emlpoyer & employee contribution so please suggest me which salary i will show

  4. i am winner of mhada lotterry but i have allready flats in pcmc area in my name but it is not a mhada property and this is clear mention in application form from my side
    can i elligibale

  5. Sir, I am from kolkata not a resident of Pune, Am i eligible for this lottery scheme to own a house at pune? Thanks for your answer in advance! .. Best Regards, SanjayChowhan

  6. hello sir, i apply for ews payment is 15000. so what is a downpayment for a mhada flat?

  7. hello
    i have applied for LIG ,but i want to apply for all schemes in LIG group ,so do i have to pay for all the schemes in LIG ? like Rs10300-A,Rs10300 for B scheme and so on….
    please guide me….

  8. What will be the payment method after winning the lottery. Do we need to take bank loan / mhada will gives us to pay in installments for flat amount. Please reply.

  9. my dad has retired but he wants to apply for mahada lottery can he apply for it?

  10. Hello,

    I have already applied through General Category ( 101A Building) . Can I apply once again in same category for 101 B/C/D?
    If yes, how many application I can submit?

    Swapnil K

  11. Dear sir,

    My age is 39 years, my take home salary 14500/- P.M. i am eligible for EWS catagery?

    since birth i m in pune instead of domicile certificate shall i show my schooling certificates as a proof.

  12. My district is pune and now working in mumbai..can i apply for flats in Mahada pune….

  13. Sir,
    I want to apply for mhada pune 2016 lottery. I am married but I have dispute with my wife but legally not separated. My wife is also employee. Can I apply for group without considering her salary.

  14. Sir, My father had a open plot in mhada & residential flat in a co-op-society. After his death

    these properties were transferred in my name as a legal heir with consent of my brothers &

    sisters. I have personally not purchased these properties from my income. Am i eligible to

    apply for Mhada ? Plz. Reply.

  15. I am residing in Ahmedabad City in Gujarat State and i want to apply for Mhada Lottery considering my future/potential job transfer to Mumbai in future. Can i apply for Mhada Lottery? Plz answer at your earliest.

  16. Hello

    Please help me out below question

    I am winner of MHADA Flat but currently working in Dubai

    should i submit income certificate from Outside side of country

    Please advice

  17. Sir,
    I applied for Mhada lottery Mumbai 2016 in handicapped quota and luckily won. But there is one problem that I joined Central government from Nov 2015 and my current in hand salary is Rs.30k+. Before that I was in Central Govt. job but resigned in May 2015 since I was already secured the new job and started preparing for higher post.
    As per the advertisement, the average monthly salary for the FY 2015-16 should be Rs.25000/-. So, will I get the flat or not as I had break of 5 months (June-15 to Oct-15). I have the domicile certificate and other required documents except Income Certificate.

  18. I live in thane with my mom n dad . Both are handicap (deaf)
    dad works with central government n mom works with state government n for last 40years we live in thane so can we apply

  19. Hi, I am not working. I want to apply. Am I eligible for lottery? I don’t own house.

  20. Am holding a flat in Nallasopara under my name.
    Want to know if i can apply for Mhada Scheme

  21. Hi,
    My salary is 28000 and my husband’s is 45000. So how do I calculate our annual income to put in the ‘annual income section’.

  22. I want to apply for lottery but if suppose I get lottery but don’t want to purchase then can I get my deposit amount back ???

  23. If a person is owning flat outisde MCGM jurisdiction (Thane district), can hi apply for Mhada Mumbai lottery?

    The above question arises from 2nd condition which says that the person should not own any flat of Mhada or in any registered co-operative society within the MCGM jurisdiction.

    The second condition is reproduced below for easy reference:

    “2) The applicant himself and / or his / her spouse or his / her minor children shall not own a house or flat or residential plot and land or holds a residential plot on hire purchase basis or on a rental basis from MHADA or a house / flat / or residential plot of land or membership of any registered or proposed cooperative housing society in his / her name as the case may be in the jurisdiction of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM).”

  24. Hi. If spouse is Maharastrian currently not working but resides in maharashtra, can she apply with my income group and Husband do not have pan card of Maharashtra (Say some other state). Is it acceptable? they are planning to move to Maharashtra.

  25. As per my salary Im eligible for HIG but my expenses are high so can i apply for LIG instead

  26. As per your eligibility criteria, income includes Basic+DA+City Allowance+Bonus. I want to know whether HRA is to be included while computing income or not ?

  27. Hi
    I am getting some fixed amount under component of Special Allowance & also getting yearly performance based incentive under component of Other Earn. So please let us know can i calculate both amount in my income part.


  28. can we apply jointly for example mother and son can apply jointly in hig gropu as one person’s salary is eligible for hig?

  29. Hi,
    my take home salary is 39,000/-
    however, the basic is 15,000/- rest is special allowances and reimbursements.
    So, what should be my average income?


  30. Hi Mr sajwan I m Mr rawat here my question is that net take home is 20000 k n my brother is 18000 k my father also earns on basis of family income say around 50000 can I apply lig or mig please tell early as days are passing I have all documents hr in my domicile in Maharashtra since my family stay in Mumbai from last 40 years wold I be eligilble

  31. Hi

    I am born and brought in Mumbai.
    temporarily I am located outside India by my company.

    I want to apply for this lottery but I have a NRO account.
    Advertise says NRI account cannot apply.
    I am not sure if MHADA is treating NRO, NRE also as NRI.
    Can anyone tell if I can apply?
    Also even if system allows to apply will they reject it later?


    • NRI in principle are the people who resides outside of India for more than 180 days. Even though application is posible, any such person is rejected later when if applicaition is possible. This is from past expereince.

  32. I had purchased a house in Mumbai in year 2010 however due to builders dispute . This construction is not completed and I don’t have possession of same. Builder is also not confirming revised possession date. Can I apply for MAHADA flat?

    • Economically Weaker Section (EWS) – up to Rs. 25,000/- • Lower Income Group (LIG) – Rs. 25,001/- to Rs. 50,000/-
      • Middle Income Group (MIG) – Rs. 50,001/- to Rs. 75,000/- • Higher Income Group (HIG) – Rs. 75,001/- and above

  33. HI, I have a 6 year old son who is suffering from cerebral palsy,
    Can i apply on his behalf?

    • act 1999”, chapter 6, section 13 to 17, registered trust/persons can apply on behalf of mentally retarded and mentally ill person in physically
      handicapped category and for allottment of such tenements the income of such persons will be considered.

  34. My dad’s monthly income and my monthly income is 20k.
    what should i mention in my average montly income.

  35. For calculating monthly income, it says to add Basic + D A + Bonus + City Allowance. I want to know what does D A mean?

  36. Dear Sir
    As per my salary Im eligible for HIG but my expenses are high so can i apply for LIG instead.

  37. What amount should i put in income column.
    My gross income or net income?

  38. hi sir
    airport authority of india staff on attachment base transfer to chennai airport i was born in mumbai but later i will back mumbai can i apply mhada scheme

  39. Hi, I’m winner at mhada lottery, I have mentioned my salary 18000 in application but not of my spouse .So, can I add my spouse salary document while submitting all documents. Will it be rejected.

  40. Dear sir my name is john my age 20 i m unmarried I worked at private company my salry is 12000 my caste is christan my all documents are pune can i apply mhada scheme

  41. I am unmarried 25 year male my basic salary is 10000 and my brother salary is 7000 so can our family income consider as 17000 for LIG ?

  42. i have business income and salary also, can i apply for the lottery. pl advise

  43. Hi all,
    i am resident of Maharashtra from last 30 years but not residing in mumbai. due to job in mumbai i want to apply for mahada flats. am i eligible to apply? thanks

  44. Hello sir I have salary of 12000/- per month I am born in mumbai and as of now I am 23years old can I apply in mhada???

  45. Iam from middle class family and I want to a apply for a flat via lottery system so could anybody tell me when is the next lottery draw.

  46. I am retired central govt employee. Am i still exempted to submit domicile certificate. I m one amongst lucky winners. What is the next step. Do i wait for a letter from mhada or i have to submit documents.

  47. Hi, i have applied for MHADA 2016 lottery and done online payment for the same. I wanted to know after winning what is the payment schedule ??. Hope i win the lottery. We are on rent from last 16 years.

    • first of all ALL THE VERY BEST TO U. after winning the lottery you will receive the letter from mhada with payment schedule, you will have to pay the money as per their schedule

  48. can you please tell me about how to apply under physically handicap quota??
    also its eligibility criteria
    please help

  49. I am applied for Scheme code no. 266 .
    We need to know the how many rooms in each flat (scheme code no. 266 )
    If Video possible it is better

  50. Hi I am retired . My monthly income is from the interest I get from the amount I have kept in ba nk FD. What I want to know. What proof I Should provide .

  51. I already apply in LIG scheme. Can l apply 2nd application for EWS scheme.
    My category is genral public.
    Pls guide me.

    • No you can’t apply for both categories. There are salary brackets for each category how u can fit in two salary brackets at a single time?

  52. sir,
    i am from SBC category.
    but in this form, there is no reservation for category
    help me what will i do
    plzz reply
    because i have already filled my form n by mistakelly i was filled as a SC category,
    so i need ur help
    reply me by e-mail

  53. Sir I am working in office my salary is Rs. 12000, but my husband has its own business and it is more than Rs.16000/- per month. so please inform me by mail whether can i apply for this

    • I think you should provide salary slip. how can you provide salary slip of business. ? check with website on 7 th April or on 13 April add will be published.

  54. Hi, I am son of army person i was wit my father at different part of country last 7 years i m staying in Mumbai having ration card and Adhara card will i be eligible for Mahada lottery 2016.
    please reply and suggest.


    • NO. you will require domicile certificate which is issued only to those who are living in maharashtra for last 15 years

  55. I am In Indian army and doing duty in their.Is their reservation for this serviceman?Pl.revert .

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