HUDA to Cancel Flat Allotment of 305 Allottees

Haryana Urban Development Authority is going to take a strict action against 305 people who have been allotted a plot under HUDA housing schemes. It is being said that these allottees have misused the reservation category plots while applying for the HUDA housing schemes.

In order to spread the benefits of Huda new and upcoming housing scheme, Haryana Urban Development Authority has kept a significant portion of flats for the reserved category. These plots are available at much lower rates as compared to other category plots offered by HUDA. This happens in and every scheme launched by HUDA but there is one condition to reserved category plots. Applicant applying for the reserved category plots if becomes successful in getting the plot then he can not apply for the another reserved category plots under HUDA for lifetime. Which simply means, if you are a reserved category applicant and a plot has been allotted to you under any of the HUDA affordable housing schemes, you can not apply for a HUDA plot next time.

HUDA reported that a few applicants who have been allotted plots in various HUDA housing scheme actually misused this benefit.  By some means they have fooled HUDA and now enjoying the benefit of double plot under HUDA. HUDA have recognized 305 applicants by far and has already send summons regarding the same. HUDA is waiting for a valid reasons from such applicants, failing which will put them in jail for sure.

All the applicants who are enjoying the double plot benefit under reserved category are given time to answer HUDA for this till 3 December 2016. If someone does not come forward or HUDA finds the answer invalid, FIR will be laudged against the applicant immediately.

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