Housing Board Haryana Draw Date for Sisra Bawal Bahadurgarh and Narnaul

Housing Board Haryana has announced the draw date for the various housing schemes launched at Bahadurgrh, Narnaul, Sirsa and Bawal. Draw of lots for these housing schemes will be held on two days i.e 20 August, 2015 and 21 August, 2015 in the office of Housing Board Haryana, C-15, Awas Bhawan, Sector-6, Panchkula. The Draw will begin at sharp 10:00 AM, all the applicants are invited to participate in the draw at the designated venue and time. Registrants can check provisional registration number allotted to them by clicking the links below. The draw will be announced according to provisional registration number.

Check Registration Number for Sirsa
Check Registration Number for Bawal
Check Registration Number for Bahadurgarh
Check Registration Number for Narnaul HIG
Check Registration Number for Narnaul MIG
Check Registration Number for Narnaul LIG

After checking your Registration number from the list above you can check the match the registration number in the result sheet below

Check Draw Result of Bawal
 Check Draw Result of Bahadurgarh Sec-9
 Check Draw Result of Narnaul LIG          
 Check draw Result of Narnaul MIG                    
 Check Draw Result of Narnaul HIG
 Check Draw Result of Sirsa Sec-19

Housing Board Haryana had launched four housing schemes at Bahadurgrh, Narnaul, Sirsa and Bawal in 2010. A total of 618 flats in sector 9, Bahadurgrh, 1260 flats in Sector-6, Narnaul, 282 flats in Sirsa and 280 flats in Bawal were offered. The draw for the schemes was held in 2010 which was challenged in the court. The total allotment was cancelled and court ordered to refund earnest money to the applicants.

This year a fresh advertisement for the allotment of flats has been made to all the original applicants. The draw for the same has been scheduled on 20 August, 2015 and 21 August, 2015.

hbh draw result

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