Dwarka Parisar Bhopal HIG Flats by MP Housing Board

MP Housing Board launches new HIG flat scheme at Dwarka Parisar Arvind Vihar, Bagmugalia, Bhopal. Dwarka Parisar Bhopal is located within 1km distance of AIIMS and Carmel Convent School. All flats are open from three sides and have lifts as well. Parking is also available in double basement.

A total of 88 Flats are available for registration which are divided in two type HIG Type A and HIG Tyoe B. The area of HIG Type A flat is 126.54 Sq.mt and the arear of HIG Type B flat is 92.68 Sq.Mt. The estimated cost of HIG Type A flat is Rs 39.85 lakhs and of HIG Type B Flat is  Rs 29.20 lakhs.

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Interested people can apply online for the scheme. To apply online for Dwarka Parisar Bhopal Visit http://www.mponline.gov.in/Portal/services/HousingBoard/Registration.aspx?SchId=2

Sr. No.

Type of Property

Available Flats on each floor Area(Sq. Ft) Estimated Cost(In Lakhs) Registration Amount(In Lakhs)
1 HIG Type A Ground Floor 3BHK 03 126.54 39.85 3.99
2 HIG Type A First Floor 3BHK 07 126.54 39.85 3.99
3 HIG Type A Second Third and Fifth  Floor 3BHK 08 126.54 39.85 3.99
4 HIG Type A Fourth Floor 3BHK 07 126.54 39.85 3.99
5 HIG Type B Ground First Second and Fifth Floor 3BHK 12 92.68 29.20 2.92
6 HIG Type B Third Floor 3BHK 11 92.68 29.20 2.92

Dates to Remember
Last Date of Application : 30-04-2015
Date of Lottery : 15-05-2015

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