DDA Rohini Scheme 1981 Gets Deadline By Supreme Court

Delhi Development Authority (DDA) fails to provide plots of lands to the allottees of  Rohini Residential Scheme 1981 for the last 34 years. Due to this Supreme Court has set deadlines for DDA in the Rohini allotment case.  According to the deadline DDA has time July 31, 2016 to complete the entire allotment process, failing will lead to strict action against DDA

A Supreme Court Bench headed by Justice JS Kehar has directed the DDA to provide immediate relief to 11,000 allottees in Sectors 28, 29, 30 and 34 on fully developed land complete with water connection, roads and sewage facilities by April 10th this year. It is understood that DDA along with Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd would be providing temporary power connections in these sectors by June 2015 and permanent connections would be provided after that upon request.

Authority is now expexted to complete the allotment process of 14,000 remaining plots in Sectors 35, 36 and 37 by July 31 next year. Power and water connections would have to be provided in these sectors a month before the completion of allotment process.The Court however, did not deliver any directions with regard to pricing of plots. The plots were priced at INR 200 per sqm in 1981 and they now stand upward of INR 20,000 per sqm. It is the demand of the allottees that they be given plots at the 1981 rate considering that it was the DDA which was unable to keep up its end of the transaction.

The 34 Year Tale Of Allotment Apathy

  1. DDA floats Rohini Residential Scheme in 1981. 25,000 registrants to the Scheme have not yet received allotment of land
  2. The High Court, in October 2009, bars DDA from auctioning any land in Rohini till the allotment process in the 1981 Scheme is completed
  3. The Delhi High Court lifts that stay in December 2009 and asks the DDA to complete the allotment process in three years
  4. The DDA informs the High Court in March 2012 that it is ready to start the process of handing over plots to registrants
  5. The registrants come to know that the DDA is planning to allot undersized plots and file a petition in the Supreme Court in May 2012
  6. The DDA files a affidavit in the Supreme Court in September 2014 stating it would complete the process by March 2015
  7. It files another affidavit in February 2015 seeking more time
  8. The Supreme Court delivers its verdict and establishes timelines for the DDA on March 10,2015


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